10 Reasons Why You Should Partner with an IT Management Company

  1. You don’t have to make IT management equipment and software investments or decisions about upgrades, new technology or replacement. The management company has already invested in enterprise management software, virus protection software, management servers and workstations and redundant backup solutions.

2. You don’t have to provide a dedicated space for IT staff.

3. You will have to make little or no HR investment as the IT management company has already acquired the best technicians to handle a broad spectrum of clients and technical needs.

4. An IT management company can carry out IT management processes faster, cheaper, better and more consistently because it’s all they do.

5. As your company changes in size, volume or strategy, you don’t have to worry about IT management issues because your IT provider flexes with you. If you add fifty work stations, another six servers or relocate a department, an IT management company has more than sufficient capacity to accommodate your change and growth and can do it seamlessly.

6. IT management companies provide you greater quality of security because accountability is outside (less chance of internal sabotage issues), security measures are high, strict and consistent and backups are remote and encrypted.

7. Help desk is always available with an IT management company whereas IT staff takes vacation, falls sick and needs coffee breaks.

8. Advice is consistently objective. An outsourced management company will give you a straight, best practice answer because they’re not embroiled in office politics.

9. IT management capabilities are not constrained by your budget, staff, hardware or the size of your company. You get enterprise solutions of which you will likely only utilize a percentage because the company is prepared to serve ten or twenty thousand work stations.

10. IT management companies invoice a fixed monthly fee for a complete management solution based on some combination of the number of workstations, servers and employees. In a traditional IT staff world, real costs can be clouded and obscured among the mingled costs of HR, hardware, inventory, software, floor space and outsourced services. By the single IT management company invoice you experience no surprises and enjoy a real reflection of what your IT is costing your organization.