ShareTech – Your Virtual IT Department

Some things are best left to those who possess the right mix of skill and experience. IT management is something like that. While IT staff possess all the technical skill and expertise to build a great network, management of your network to suit your business model is another matter. Management is best done by … well … managers. And that’s where ShareTech shines.

ShareTech can help you transition from an in-house IT management model to a lean and powerful outsourced IT management model without missing a beat. You’ll save dollars. You’ll increase productivity.

Or ShareTech will partner with your in-house IT staff and take on all of the desktop management and helpdesk tasks while your IT staff is unburdened to take on more strategic technical roles for your company.

Either way, your IT dollars get you what you came for: value.

Virtual IT Value

The best way to describe ShareTech’s role in your business world is virtual.

Think about it:

ShareTech exists in the context of your business to create an IT environment in which your business can operate smoothly and successfully. Only, ShareTech doesn’t physically exist in your location at all! ShareTech is virtual!

And that’s great for you because you get all the benefits of an IT department:

  • Professional network management;
  • Expert trouble shooting;
  • Strategic IT coaching;

But you don’t have any of the hassles of a local IT department:

  • HR, benefits, payroll and employee supervision;
  • Space requirements;
  • Hardware and software expenses for network management.

The other great benefit of your ShareTech Virtual IT department is that we will appear for you whenever you want us to!