20 Questions You Should Ask Your
IT Management Company

  1. Do you offer a Service Level Agreement?
  2. Do you bill me one monthly fee to manage my network or do you bill based on time and materials?
  3. What’s included in your service? For example, do you do data backups, virus protection, spy ware protection, server and network monitoring, etc.?
  4. If you back up my data, how, when and where is it backed up?
  5. Do I have to manage licenses and purchase software, or do you do that?
  6. Am I bound by a long contract, or is our relationship month by month?
  7. Is your helpdesk unlimited?
  8. What are the qualifications of your helpdesk and technical staff?
  9. Where is your helpdesk located?
  10. What hours is your helpdesk staffed, and do you handle emergency or after-hours calls?
  11. Will you make on-site visits, and am I billed for them?
  12. I have a small IT staff, but would like to outsource our helpdesk. How will you work with my IT staff?
  13. What applications and operating systems do you cover and how do you handle third-party application issues?
  14. Do you offer IT coaching to help me with planning, expansion or changes?
  15. Can you help me with hardware acquisition?
  16. I also have a few Macs. Will you manage those as well?
  17. I would like your opinion of my network. Will you charge for an assessment?
  18. I have a number of peripherals involved in my network such as copiers, printers, faxes, and my phone system. Will you also manage these items?
  19. Can you help with my sales department notebook computers?
  20. Several of our executives have Blackberries. How do you handle their issues?