ShareTech Unique Processes – For Your Confidence

High standards and refined processes make an enormous impact on our businesses and their continuing success. ShareTech believes that consistent processes ensure desirable outcomes of services for our clients such as quality, security, reliability and efficiency – and at an economical cost.

We all know that when services meet our expectations, anyone tends to take it for granted, and we are completely unaware of the role of the processes involved in delivering excellent services. However, when standard processes are absent, we soon notice because our expectations are not met. For example if a meal is delivered to your table that is cold and tasteless, you wonder if the cook fell asleep or forgot to add some essential ingredient. That is why ShareTech has developed and continues to refine standard processes of our service so that you, our clients, will never notice.

We know better than to recreate the wheel. You can be confident that we have learned from others with experience in excellence. In the late 1980s the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) became the worldwide standard in IT service management. Thanks to this proven framework, ShareTech can deliver consistently high quality services through practices comprised of comprehensive check lists, tasks and procedures tailored to our clients’ business models.

Following ITIL concepts, ShareTech intently focuses on the following aspects of IT management in our process development and continual improvement:

  • Configuration
  • Service Desk
  • Incident & Problem
  • Change
  • Release
  • Service Level
  • Availability
  • Capacity
  • Continuity
  • Financial

At ShareTech, we’re mindful of your network and your business. Your confidence is our biggest reward