ShareTech Client Profile – The “Ready Factor”

We know our client profile, but upon closer inspection, it’s not really the demographics which define a ShareTech client. While we say small to mid-size companies and organizations with 20 to 1000 workstations, there is another, more defining factor: the “ready factor.”

Most of our clients have sought out ShareTech because they were “ready.”

  • They were ready because they’d grown tired of managing a gangly and expensive in-house IT department.
  • They were ready because their business was approaching a transitional phase and they wanted a sense of stability and confidence.
  • They were ready because they were frustrated by being ignored by their previous IT provider.
  • They were ready because they were amazed to learn that they didn’t need be billed to death for every management service.
  • They were ready because they decided they were tired of IT decisions and needed to focus instead on their business.
  • They were ready because their network and its management had gotten out of hand and ShareTech provided a single IT management system.

Are You Ready?

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