Where To Put What You Don’t Want To Lose

computer, conceptual, graphicBusinesses that suffer a large data loss and can’t recover from the disaster, inevitably struggle or at some point fail. It’s imperative for your business to use a reliably regimented backup plan, and the key to success is to eliminate the human element – that is, the guy who changes the tapes and takes them off-site.

Remember the bank that was taking the backup tapes to the storage facility and lost twelve million clients’ personal data en route? Oops! Such a massive and public blunder illustrates the devastating danger of human, manual data backups.

We’re pleased to say that ShareTech backups leave nothing to chance. ShareTech backups are:

  • Automatic – no chance of human interference, misunderstanding or neglect;
  • Encrypted – no chance of data falling into the wrong hands;
  • Redundant – ShareTech backs up your data not just once, but several times;
  • Remote – ShareTech backs up your data in two different cities;
  • Included – that’s right! Back up isn’t an optional feature of ShareTech managed service. It’s integral.

If your data isn’t backed up this way, your network simply isn’t managed. Maybe you’ll think about partnering with ShareTech?