A Professional IT Management Company

Secure, accessible information and reliable communication is what you depend on to run and grow your business. You didn’t invest large amounts of capital in a computer network only to be saddled with further management problems and more cost. Your IT is supposed to increase productivity, give you a competitive edge and create opportunity. Right?

Unfortunately, many businesses are faced instead with expensive human resources budget leaks, recurring hardware and software demands, annoying repair bills and profit-wrecking downtime. Has a simple task or project ever evolved into a mess involving hours, days or even weeks? Sound familiar?

Call ShareTech, Your Virtual IT Department

ShareTech is a professional IT management company. We specialize in performing the role and tasks of an IT Department for small & medium businesses. We provide all of the services necessary in a singular service to manage the networks of small and mid-size businesses and nonprofit organizations. ShareTech, with our resources, technicians, skill, experience and tools is able to manage your network better and at less cost than an in-house IT department.

Why An IT Management Company?

You just need the right people managing the right areas of your company. Would you ask your receptionist to rotate the tires on your car? Would you replace a crown for one of your accounting staff? It sounds ridiculous, but many businesses do just that: company owners spend hours troubleshooting IT, secretaries swap backup tapes and IT staff monitor servers, install patches and run anti-virus … when they get around to it. Network management just isn’t part of the skill-set. The decision to manage IT in-house can be the most costly decision you make.

Don’t Worry, We’ll Manage!

Your network investment really can provide the business opportunities and competitive edge of your dreams, but only if it’s managed well by those with the right skills and resources. That’s what we at ShareTech do. We manage. We don’t sell computers. We don’t sell software. We manage your network so that you and your employees can do what you do best – achieve your dreams.