Service Level Agreement: To Insure Quality

A most attractive feature of ShareTech’s IT management solution is our Service Level Agreement. It tells you exactly what quality means to us in plain language. Here is the short version of the ShareTech Service Level Agreement:

Your service level agreement defines the level of support needed based on the severity of the issue. Our support system insures that your business is exposed to minimal risk.

We respond to:

  • Critical issues within 30 minutes;
  • High priority issues within 2 hours;
  • Medium priority issues within 4 hours;
  • Low priority issues within 8 hours.

Our Service Level Agreement gives confidence to both ShareTech and our clients. It’s not just technical language and a load of fine print. Our main intent is clarity so that both parties know the terms of the business relationship. You get maximum value and a high level of confidence. ShareTech knows their clients are satisfied. The ShareTech Service Level Agreement is our written guarantee that we’re there for you. Allow us to partner with you for a month or two and you’ll see what we mean.