Server Audit – Only From ShareTech

Did you ever take something apart and then can’t remember what you did or how to get it back together again? Has your IT guy done it? “Shoot, Mr. CEO. It’s working just swell, but I’ll be darned where I copied those files!”

No doubt your IT department or outsourced IT management company is honest and well-meaning. You wouldn’t trust your network, the foundation of your business to anyone less. After all, the network is running smoothly and from all appearances, all your bases are covered.

Beware the unseen! Are there changes made on your server by competent IT staff, remote IT managers or … dare I say others? Perhaps the changes are valid and even important. And perhaps you have a high level of confidence in those with permissions to make changes.

You are no longer the final one to answer to in cases of data and the audit trail which explains that data. In our twenty-first century litigious world, if there’s ever an issue made of data changes in your organization, you can bet it won’t be just your IT guy standing before a grand jury.

That is why ShareTech server monitoring applications insure that every mouse-click and every keystroke is recorded providing not only a log but also a visual audit trail of screen shots accurately, consistently and reliably recording exactly what took place, when and by whom. Our concern is not only to protect your network and your business from the bad guys, but to provide an honest audit to protect you, the good guy.

Is server audit included in ShareTech management services? There is no additional fee because it’s not optional. It’s included.

ShareTech server monitoring is HIPAA and SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley) compliant and meets or exceeds standards.