The ShareTech Story

In 2000, Shared Technology Services was conceived by a small group of technically accomplished entrepreneurs with the concept that the power of a big IT department shouldn’t be limited to enterprise companies. They believed that the strength and capacity of enterprise IT should be available to every small business network, every mid-size company’s IT department and every non-profit organization. So they set out to create a single system that would provide all of the features and benefits of enterprise IT, adapt to a range of network configurations from a small network to a company with a thousand or more PCs and provide top quality service for far less than the cost of an in-house IT department.

It worked at conception and it works better than ever today. Over these years ShareTech has shortened its name, increased its staff of skilled technicians, purchased top-end software and hardware and focused it’s service. While many companies in similar businesses may offer a myriad of services from which to choose, ShareTech delivers it all in one managed service for one reasonable price. If you have a network, ShareTech can manage it better and for less.

Over these years, IT has changed and ShareTech has grown in scope, experience and capability. While every network is unique because it’s yours and it reflects your business, each network is also familiar because we’ve seen every situation and one just like yours. We’re ready to manage it.