IT Express Hosted Service

Call it minimalist IT. Call it IT To-Go. Hosted service is a breed of IT all its own. Light on hardware and big on flexibility and scalability, ShareTech IT Express hosted service boasts minimal investment and planning.

Here’s how it works. Rather than installing a full-size PC at each of your business workstations, you install a thin client at each work station. A thin client is basically a computer with less of everything. It also requires less of everything – less maintenance, less energy, less risk of data loss and no server on-site.

Your software applications and data are all installed on a virtual server at the ShareTech data center where they are also securely backed up. You simply connect to your network via high-speed internet connection. The ShareTech virtual server does all the computing work. Your thin client is merely your connection to the server. You start up your thin client in seconds, log on to your network, and you’re computing with IT Express! This also means that you can literally access your business network from any place in the world you have an internet connection. It’s an especially powerful solution for businesses with a mobile sales staff or multiple offices.

As costs of hardware, energy and technical labor increase and need for flexibility and scalability increase, it makes more and more sense to consider the use of thin clients and IT Express hosted services.

Your advantages of ShareTech’s IT Express hosted services:

  • Easy system management;
  • Simple scalability – add or subtract users in minutes;
  • Lower costs;
  • All the advantages of networked computing;
  • Central storage and backup;
  • Easier security;
  • Greater network accessibility and mobility;
  • A fixed monthly fee based solely on number of users.