How To Manage Your Mid-Size Company’s
Hundreds of Desktops?

business, businessmen, classroomYour company has grown to over six hundred employees. In spite of economic challenges, business is good. Why change anything? IT has grown to an impressive 500 work stations with twenty-two servers keeping all of the profitable functions of the company humming.

While every aspect of the company’s costs, processes and returns are scrutinized and understood including production, transportation, sales and marketing, for many companies IT remains the beautiful face that dazzles. High end decision-makers aren’t sure why they do with IT what they do, but they budget for IT what it asks for, shake their heads and move on.

It’s the nature of IT. Tradition tells us to build a powerful IT department, and it will become the sturdy infrastructure of the company. And that is true. Well-managed IT provides business capacity, capability and opportunity through the power of technology. The problem is that understanding of technology, for the business mind, is elusive, and consequently, IT in business is only evaluated in the context of itself rather than in the context of business as a whole. It’s the one area of the company where high end budgetary decisions and the last word are relegated to the department head.

Who knew there are other options which fit not only a technical strategy but a business strategy as well? The high-level perspective on IT is that these guys just need to keep these machines running. If it’s a struggle to stay ahead of it, then another hire is probably in order whether it makes business sense or not.

The days of only hiring people to work for you in IT at the end of hall are past. What high-end corporate decision-makers are discovering is that remote IT management is far more accessible than the guys at the end of the hall. Outsourced helpdesk calls are more responsive because your service provider is waiting for you to call and ready for action. Desktop fixes are faster because IT management providers use technology to fix technology rather than people and sweat to fix technology. Add to that the fact that you have made a fiscally brilliant decision to outsource because for less than the cost of one or two IT personnel, you have just retained an entire team of experienced technicians, IT coaches and business consultants who will not only resolve the root cause of IT issues but keep your technological infrastructure squarely positioned in a business context.

So, what can ShareTech do for your five hundred-plus desktops?

  • ShareTech provides level-one support for your PCs;
  • ShareTech helpdesk is available and unlimited to each of your employees;
  • ShareTech helpdesk routes higher-level tickets to your on-site IT staff for on-site resolution;
  • Your ShareTech team of technicians expertly repairs or resolves desktops issues through our remote technology;
  • ShareTech performs regular maintenance, patches, upgrades, builds and software distributions;
  • ShareTech provides you with a Service Level Agreement;
  • ShareTech provides your company regular savings every month over the higher cost of in-house desktop support all through a fixed monthly fee based solely on the number of desktops we support.

Make a brilliant decision and call ShareTech!